S​​halom Alberta

From the Rebbetzin's  Desk


Dear Friend,

We are here because we need a Fully Kosher  Jewish organization that is not affiliated to any shul  like this in Alberta, to serve the growing needs of  our  community .and beyond. 


○ Student /Youth hiring and training providing paid work experiance

○ Dry Kosher food baskets for those in need. 

○ Educational supports and materials

○ Child care. 

○ Books on Childrens Heritage Series.

○ Women and girls workshops

○ Speakers forum and seminar

○ Thinking of you Monthly Bags of Smiles for those living alone.

○ Volunteer Station

○ New and almost New Judiaca and Childrens clothing for those in need.

○ Raffle to Israel and pther wonderful prizes.

To date since est 2021 and incorporated we have provided:

☆ A leased Southside warehouse

☆ 85 Kosher food hampers to Ukrainians, Canadians with disabilies Jewish people in need.

☆ 770- Monthly Thinking of you cards and bags of smiles to seniors livng alone.

☆  Part time Summer and year round employment and work experiance

☆ Hospital visitation

☆ 105 hrs of phone support to persons in distress.

☆ Jewish heritage Childrens books

☆ Volunteer brunch and engagement opportunities.

☆ 1:1  Prayer and Counselling guidance and  Mentor Services- lifcycle and Trauma 

We are here because of people like you because Covid woke us to action and highlighted problems that needed addressing.Growth of Alberta Jewish community to serve all demographics and ages and abilities..

Your purchases of our raffle tickets,book dedications

go a long way in keeping our organization alive and well.

 Thank you and Shana Tova.

Rebbetzin Rifka- 

Serving the Alberta and Edmonton community with her family since 1991

Our podcaster Rabbi - Menachem. D.

Olam Chesed Yiboneh- A world built on Kindness.

Our Specialty Cook-Caterer- Navit. A

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Making the dream a reality! stay tuned ....